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Reducing pain, promoting healing and optimising function

Masters level qualified, RAMP registered Veterinary Physiotherapist and Equine Body Worker providing rehabilitation and therapy services for horses and dogs in the South West, Essex and Co. Cork, Ireland
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Horses are amazing athletes, and keeping their musculoskeletal system in optimal health is essential for their health, wellbeing, and performance.  Physiotherapy can reduce muscular discomfort, and ensure your horse is working correctly, reducing the risk of injury. It can also help to optimise healing and recovery from conditions such as; kissing spines, tendon and ligament injuries, fractures, surgery... the list goes on.


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Veterinary physiotherapy fundamentally aims to restore and optimise functional, pain free movement. It can promote healing and improve recovery from injury, dysfunction, disease and surgery, and can enhance performance 

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Dogs are part of our family, therefore keeping them happy, healthy, and pain free is our top priority. Physiotherapy can help to keep your dogs musculoskeletal system in top condition, alleviating discomfort, and is extremely effective at optimising recovery from injury and orthopedic and neurological surgery such as; hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture, intervertebral disc disease, fractures... the list goes on.


Ceola Reece IMSc, EEBW, RAMP

I am a fully insured, Masters level qualified, RAMP registered Veterinary Physiotherapist, Equine Body Worker and Level 3 Canine Hydrotherapist. I treat horses and dogs around Bristol and the South West, Essex and Cork, Ireland, utilising a range of techniques including soft tissue massage and mobilisation, electrotherapeutic modalities such as LASER and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), therapeutic exercises and remedial exercise prescription. I develop individually tailored treatment plans that can help to improve your animals functional ability, reduce pain, promote healing, optimise performance and ultimately improve their quality of life, which is always the fundamental goal!


Please feel free to contact me to book an appointment, or to discuss why veterinary physiotherapy might benefit your horse or dog. 


Week days, evenings and weekends. 

Areas Covered

Bristol and surrounding areas



Co. Cork, Ireland


Tel: 07845 359715

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